Porter Haney

CEO & Co-founder

Porter wrangles the business side of Wedgies. When he's not building double decker nachos or skiing powder, he's crunching numbers and helping connect great people with one another. If you're willing to trade stories with him you might just find out how he purchased wedgies.com.

Jimmy Jacobson

CTO & Co-founder

It'd be hard to help raise little girls if they looked like lines of code. Luckily, Jimmy is half man, half machine. When he's not coding, he's deciding which technologies will enable Wedgies to connect with people. Pwning newbs at COD or rocking headstands in Yoga class, it makes no difference to him.

Jen Wilhelm


If she could, Jen would opt to live the life of a Pokemon trainer, but instead she enjoys writing code and making things look pretty at Wedgies. She is the envy of small children everywhere with her video game and toy hobbies, which she plays with her canine sidekick, Teddy.

Pawel Szymczykowski


Pawel likes to make things. Sometimes they are made of wood or PLA, sometimes electronic components, and other times they are made out of code. He writes JavaScript for Wedgies and does some other useful things too.

Shawn Looker


Shawn enjoys living dangerously. In his spare time, he builds and rides longboards down large hills and writes javascript to control quadcopters. He also plays bass guitar, though not very well (yet).

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