Porter Haney

CEO & Co-founder

Porter makes the business magic happen at Wedgies. When he's not wrestling buffalos or taming eagles, he's crunching numbers and helping connect great people with one another. If you can't find him in Downtown Vegas, he'll be wherever there is snow that needs schussing or mountains that need climbing.

Jimmy Jacobson

CTO & Co-founder

It'd be hard to help raise little girls if they looked like lines of code. Luckily, Jimmy is half man, half machine. When he's not coding, he's deciding which technologies will enable Wedgies to connect with people. Pwning newbs at COD or rocking headstands in Yoga class, it makes no difference to him.

Christopher Moody

Front End Developer

After gaining notoriety in Coastal South Carolina for his juggling skills, Moody decided to use his powers for good. He now creates majestic front end solutions for Wedgies and he may be the slipperiest dancer mankind has ever had the good fortune to behold. Whiskey actually is his spirit animal.

Mark Johnson


When Mark isn't crying silently over poor design and gross food, he's creating and coloring inside the lines for Wedgies. He loves to make everyone eat at deliciously inconvenient locations and occasionally plays with Lego.

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