Quick to Make, Real-time Votes

Wedgies polls take less than 30 seconds to make. Once you share your poll, votes are counted in real time.

  • You ask a question.

  • You share your poll.

  • Your audience votes.

Responsive & Interactive

Wedgies polls work everywhere - tablet, mobile, desktop. They're responsive and interactive with dozens of sites and services.

Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions with Wedgies

Want our polls, quizzes and voting experiences white labeled and integrated directly within your site or app? Contact us for enterprise polling solutions including integrations, service level agreements, dedicated representatives at Wedgies, and other enterprise polling solutions.

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Make Votes Count with Verified Voting

Lead Gen through polling

Enable Verified Voting on your next poll and Wedgies will ensure that everyone voting on your poll is a real live human by prompting and confirming an email address for the voter before counting their vote.

Verified Voting is available across all Wedgies polls.

Share Everywhere

Wedgies polls are interactive! People can vote from each of these networks and platforms:

Why Wait?

Want to create polls, customize your CSS, or get API access and analytics? See our plans to gain access to these features.